Regular Style Garages
Our Regular Style Garages have distinct curved corners. To achieve the curved corners, roof panels are laid horizontally and bolted directly to the curved frame bows.
Regular Style Garages
Horizontal VS Vertical Roof
We offer two types of roofs for the A-Frame metal buildings. Horizontal and Vertical refers to how the metal panels run. On a horizontal roof they run from front to back and are bolted directly into the frame bows. On a vertical roof the panels run from top to side. These require a hatch channel to be bolted to the frame then the panels bolted to it. We recommend the Vertical roof because it is more attractive, stronger, and provides more support. Water, snow, and debris are less likely to accumulate on vertical roofs as well.

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Standard Sizes :
12x21x7 18x21x7 20x21x7 22x21x7 24x21x7 30x31x7
12x26x7 18x26x7 20x26x7 22x26x7 24x26x7 30x36x7
12x31x7​​​ 18x31x7 20x31x7 22x31x7 24x31x7 30x41x7

​​Colonial Style
Colonial options are available on A-Frame Garages with Vertical roofs and sides.

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